Braces for Children and Teens

Braces for Children and Teens

Dr. Sema loves helping children with their smiles.

Beautiful, straight smiles and healthy bites for a lifetime

An even, bright smile increases confidence in a person of any age, and Dr. Debbie Sema uses her considerable skill and experience to create an attractive, healthy and straight smile for your child.

Dr. Sema uses a variety of procedures to straighten your child’s teeth and align their bite (how the teeth come together), including traditional braces, Invisalign® clear aligners and Damon Braces. She employs some of the latest in orthodontic technology, chosen by her for its accuracy, great results and fast treatment times.

Fun and friendly

We love kids and we give them friendly care, treating them like our own children. We enjoy getting to know them while we help make their smiles beautiful! And that goes for mom and dad, too. You’ll find that Dr. Sema is a very down-to-earth, caring person who is easy to communicate with and she takes the time to explain procedures and answer any questions.

Braces for Children and Teens

Dr. Sema is great with kids and makes them feel welcome when they visit.

Kids enjoy coming to our fun and friendly Oxmoor office. Originally a train depot built in the 1870s (and now fully renovated), it has a lot of the old train memorabilia, including a ticket counter inside and a wagon and tracks outside. Kids can play on our PlayStation and Xbox consoles and participate in our regular contests.

A game all our kids and teens love is the train ticket game: kids get hole punches on their ticket each time they come in on time, refer friends, move to another phase of treatment, and so on. They can win anything from gift cards to iPods and PlayStations. We also bake fresh cookies every day. And as Dr. Sema is a big fan of local sports, we give away fun sports memorabilia.

How Orthodontics can help your child

Braces for Children and Teens

Our office features fun entertainment and activities for children.

Orthodontics can be defined as that branch of dentistry that corrects teeth and jaws that are poorly positioned. Crooked teeth are harder to keep clean and free of periodontal disease. Teeth that have a bad bite—i.e. that don’t fit together correctly—can cause extra stress on the chewing muscles and lead to headaches and problems with the jaw joint, the TMJ.

Therefore, when you decide on a teeth straightening program for your child, you are not only treating the beauty of their smile, but also an important aspect of their health. Dr. Sema has the knowledge and experience to give your child the healthy, attractive smile he or she deserves.

Experience and training you can trust

Braces for Children and Teens

Dr. Sema uses her extensive training and knowledge to plan the most effective orthodontic treatment for your child.

As an orthodontist, Dr. Debbie Sema has several years of specialist training post dental school in making sure teeth, jaws and facial muscles are correctly aligned and are working together harmoniously. Dr. Sema has also been awarded a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, another example of her continued pursuit of excellence in her practice of orthodontics. Since starting practice in 1998, she has completed considerable continuing education to remain abreast of the latest developments.

It starts with a Complimentary Consultation

Braces for Children and TeensDr. Sema will meet with you and your child to determine what orthodontic issues need to be addressed, discuss treatment options and to answer any questions. Our Complimentary Consultation includes:

  • Full clinical exam
  • Panoramic digital X-rays as needed
  • Facial photos and intraoral photos as needed
  • Find out if you or your child is a candidate for Invisalign®
  • Treatment plan

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Our Orthodontic treatment

Braces for Children and Teens

X-rays are a vital part of the orthodontic treatment planning process.

Treatment begins with detailed measurements and planning. First we use our digital panoramic, cephalometric (ceph = head) X-ray unit. This takes panoramic and side view X-rays of the jaw and teeth which are used in Dr. Sema’s special treatment planning software. For additional planning diagnostics she takes intraoral and external photos to help with the construction of an accurate treatment, and also study models made from impressions of the teeth.

Your child’s straightening options

Your child will get either traditional braces, Damon braces or Invisalign clear aligners, depending on the condition of your child’s teeth and bite and personal preference. Dr. Sema can help you select the best solution for the particular condition of your child’s bite and alignment.

Damon Braces

Braces for Children and TeensDr. Sema uses Damon braces for their excellent results. They have the additional advantages of reduced treatment times and greater comfort. They use a revolutionary, unique sliding system to hold the wires, which creates less friction and is more comfortable. As well as in metal, Damon braces has a nearly invisible option, called Damon Clear. Learn more about the Damon System.


Braces for Children and TeensDr. Sema is an Invisalign Preferred Provider and is trained and experienced in providing Invisalign for adults and teens. Invisalign straightens teeth through a series of clear plastic aligners that fit closely over the teeth. Many teens prefer Invisalign due to its easy comfort and the fact that they can take the aligners out to eat whatever they want. Of course, their main selling point for your teen is their invisibility, although Damon Clear also provides this benefit. Children with permanent dentition can take advantage of Invisalign.  Learn more about Invisalign.

Early treatment for potentially severe cases

Braces for Children and Teens

The earlier you bring your child in for orthodontic care, the better the chances are that serious problems with bite and alignment can be avoided.

Sometimes a young child already has a crowding or bite problem that can lead to worse problems if left until a teen. Or a badly crowded mouth with crooked teeth is already giving a child self-esteem issues. In these cases, Dr. Sema may recommend an early phase of treatment for your child. Dr. Sema and the American Association of Orthodontists recommends children be screened by age seven for these types of concerns.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Early orthodontic treatment is also known as Interceptive Orthodontics. Dr. Sema likes to evaluate a child for interceptive orthodontics around seven years old, while the teeth and jaw are still developing.

For crowding issues, she might use a device called a palatal expander to expand the child’s upper arch. She can also change the way the jaw grows when the arches and jaws are not developing properly. Important issues to take care of with interceptive orthodontics are cross bites and protruding front teeth (an overbite), often a result of thumb sucking. A crossbite can cause the jaws to grow unevenly and thumb sucking can make the overbite progressively worse.

Early treatment can reduce or eliminate the need for permanent teeth extractions later. These are some of the conditions Dr. Sema recommends for early orthodontic treatment:

  • Braces for Children and Teens

    An overbite is where the top teeth bite over the bottom teeth.

  • Braces for Children and Teens

    A cross bite occurs when the upper and lower jaws are misaligned.

  • Braces for Children and Teens

    Crowding happens because there is not enough room for the teeth to fit in the mouth straightly.

Some children can avoid the need for braces when they get older if they are treated with interceptive orthodontics. Some may still need braces when their adult teeth have emerged, but because they started early with interceptive orthodontics, treatment time is reduced.

What our parents and kids say

Braces for Children and Teens“Dr. Sema and her staff make you feel special. They take an interest in you and your comfort and needs. From the moment you arrive, you feel safe and welcome. Dr. Sema’s qualifications, confidence and outgoing personality just grabs you, and it feels like you have known her forever. The staff are just as knowledgeable and confident as Dr. Sema. In short they are friendly, confident and welcoming. Dr. Sema worked with our insurance and budget to make the experience pleasant and affordable. Our family loves Dr. Sema and her staff.”

“We first found out about Dr. Sema from a friend’s recommendation and we had seen the Oxmoor Valley Location while driving past. We have three children and the condition of their teeth ranged from minor adjustments to major work. We met with Dr. Sema and her staff before we initiated treatment. She was wonderful. They spent a lot of time with each child and gave us a full report and options without pressure, just confidence. Dr. Sema cares, and she calls us to follow up. She always makes you feel that you are the only patient she has.” – John & Beth

Braces for Children and Teens“The staff is awesome! They are very caring and make you feel at ease. The practice is state-of-the-art. I like how Dr. Sema takes her time with you and makes sure you get the right treatment for your smile. I tell all my friends and family to go there. Oxmoor Valley orthodontics is the best ever. Everyone there is extremely nice and will do anything to make a great smile.”


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Before and after photos

  • Connor had severe crowding that was treated non-surgically and without extractions using Damon Braces.

    Connor had severe crowding that was treated non-surgically and without extractions using Damon Braces.

  • Braces for Children and Teens

    Lana had a severe overbite and crowding and Dr. Sema helped her increase the width of her smile.

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