Insignia Advanced Design System

Insignia Advanced Design System

Dr. Sema will design your treatment for fast and effective teeth straightening.

Fast, comfortable and accurate treatment

Insignia Advanced Design System

We use digital panoramic X-rays for a comprehensive view of your lower facial structure.

Dr. Debbie Sema offers the Insignia Advanced Design System for reduced treatment times, up to nearly 40% less. Insignia is an advanced interactive computerized system that combines digital treatment planning with custom-made brackets and wires tailored to the patient’s dental anatomy. Insignia can be used to design braces for both adults and teens.

Braces are made up of brackets that are bonded to the teeth and arch wires that are placed over the brackets. Using the Insignia system, Dr. Sema can design each bracket and each arch wire separately. The design is precisely calculated to affect each tooth’s movement in the most optimal way, resulting in faster treatment and greater comfort.

Planning for an aesthetic smile

Insignia Advanced Design System

Dr. Sema considers each patient’s smile outcome very carefully to produce the best results.

With Insignia’s virtual planning Dr. Sema can see how your final smile will look as a result of treatment. She can view the curvature and width of your smile and then plan treatment to achieve an aesthetic smile that best enhances you or your child’s looks.

Dr. Sema has undergone additional training to be able to provide the Insignia system for her patients.

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