Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials“This experience has been great for me! I wasn’t excited about the need for braces in my 30s, but I am so glad that my dentist referred me to Dr. Sema. Everyone smiles at this office and I love being around happy people. They look like they want to be there versus “having” to be there. The entire staff has made this experience worth the investment. Lastly, I’m loving the progress of my smile and I’m looking forward to the final results.”


Patient Testimonials“The condition of our teeth was healthy but not pretty. We decided to go to Dr. Sema because her previous patients all had beautiful smiles. We liked everything about Dr. Sema, from her sweet staff and wonderful personality, to her convenient multiple locations. The orthodontic work we had done with Dr. Sema resulted in beautiful smiles.”

—Chris & Terra

Patient Testimonials“My experience with Dr. Sema and her practice has been wonderful. I looked around and chose Dr. Sema based on so many positive recommendations. Once I met her and her staff, I knew I had made the right choice. I wasn’t excited about getting braces as an adult, but Dr. Sema and her staff have made the transition as painless as possible. Now I have straighter teeth.

“Everyone at the office is skilled, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for me. So far this has been a very positive experience for me and I’m so grateful.

“I first find out about Dr. Sema through a friend. At the time I had crooked teeth. Dr. Sema introduced me to Invisalign. Dr. Sema is very welcoming and genuinely cares about her patients and asks about their wellbeing. She remembers who you are and is very positive. I like that the practice is very hospitable to new and current patients. They are accommodating when scheduling appointments, and the warm cookies and coffee aren’t bad either!”


Patient Testimonials“Well, Dr. Sema and her staff definitely have a lot of patience in dealing with me. There have been issues with my teeth that I think are outside the normal box in dealing with braces. The atmosphere is always friendly and encouraging. I love how they talk, help each other, joke and are into good music. I consider Dr. Sema as a friend.

“I first heard about Dr. Sema from my general dentist. My teeth were crowding over each other. I like Dr. Sema’s personality and sense of humor. The whole staff is so friendly, and she knows her business. What I like about the practice is that I always have a good experience regardless of what they are doing to me. Now my teeth are on their way to being straight.”


Patient Testimonials“My dentist and neighbor both recommended Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics. My teeth were curved and significantly out of place. My smile was awful and I didn’t like to smile. After meeting with Dr. Sema and her staff, I knew this was the place for me and my family. Dr. Sema is great. I liked the friendly staff and their willingness to work with my school schedule. They make me feel like family.

“The treatment has been easy. I am glad that my mom chose this office to do my treatment. Every visit has been a great experience. My last visit was extremely interesting because I struggled with getting my rubber bands on by myself. Dr. Sema and her staff came over and encouraged me. They did not rush me through this process. I felt respected and important. I can see the difference in my teeth and smile and I have had braces for only two months. I love my new look and am looking forward to the end results.”


Patient Testimonial“Dr. Sema and everyone else at Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics are absolutely amazing. It is such an uplifting and positive environment and everyone is so sweet and approachable. I came in with a little overcrowding in my teeth and Dr. Sema suggested Invisalign to me and fixed my smile right up.

“I used to hate pictures because at the wrong angles, you could see how bad my teeth were but now I don’t mind taking pictures at all and am not self-conscious about showing my real smile.

“Not only has Dr. Sema given me a beautiful smile, but she’s also given me a lot more confidence. I am more than grateful for being able to be a patient here.”


Patient Testimonials“Dr. Sema and her staff make you feel special. They take an interest in you and your comfort and needs. From the moment you arrive, you feel safe and welcome. Dr. Sema’s qualifications, confidence and outgoing personality just grabs you, and it feels like you have known her forever. The staff has seen it all and nothing throws them off. They are just as knowledgeable and confident as Dr. Sema. In short, the staff is friendly, confident and welcoming. Dr. Sema worked with our insurance and budget to make the experience pleasant and affordable. Our family loves Dr. Sema and her staff.

“We first found out about Dr. Sema from a friend’s recommendation and we had seen the Oxmoor Valley Location while driving past. We have three children and the condition of their teeth ranged from needing minor adjustments to needing major work. We met with Dr. Sema and her staff before we initiated treatment. She was wonderful. They spent a lot of time with each child and gave us a full report and options without pressure, just confidence. Dr. Sema cares, and she calls us to follow up. She always makes you feel that you are the only patient she has.”

—John & Beth

Patient Testimonials“Our experience with Dr. Sema and her staff has been wonderful. From the beginning, she has been very patient and professional in every way. The difference in each of our children’s smiles is amazing and we are not finished with treatments. Everyone at the Depot is always accommodating, helpful and kind. It’s a fun place.

“I first found out about Dr. Sema through a referral from my dentist. All three of my kids had crowding, and some cross bites. I liked everything about Dr. Sema. Her knowledge and explanations of processes and procedures is great. Not only is she professional and experienced, but she is friendly. My kids love the Depot cards. They work hard to get stamps on their cards each visit. Everyone at this practice is friendly and knowledgeable. The results are beautiful smiles.”


Patient Testimonials“I have enjoyed Invisalign very much. I chose Invisalign because I am a college student and I did not want regular braces. The staff at Oxmoor Valley is awesome! They always put their patients first and they care very much about them. I wouldn’t have chosen to go anywhere else, and most of all they have given me a beautiful smile! I am so happy and grateful!”

“My mother had braces before me and recommended for me to go here also. My teeth were not horrible, a simple fix I believe. My mother was very pleased with her experience, so I knew I would be too. I love the staff! They are so nice and truly take care of you. Now I have a very beautiful smile!”


Patient Testimonials“Dr. Sema is so great! She has shown love for my daughter, making her feel completely at ease. She is very professional and trustworthy, and the facility is fun and clean! We look forward to Dr. Sema doing the remainder of Ella’s treatment. We needed an evaluation for whether Ella needed two teeth pulled, and decided to see Dr. Sema based on a family recommendation. My niece and nephews see Dr. Sema and gave her glowing reviews.

“Dr. Sema is so nice and has been so sweet to our family! She has really taken a lot of time to evaluate Ella and explain the whole orthodontic process to us. What I liked about the practice is that it is clean and the entire staff is fantastic – from the front desk to the chair!”


Patient Testimonials“I was a heavy snorer and my wife noticed my breathing was pausing. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and put on CPAP treatment, which did handle my condition. Three years ago I became aware of a jaw surgery to correct sleep apnea. I was excited that there was a solution that would permanently handle my sleep apnea and take away the necessity of CPAP treatment.

“I went to Dr. Sema who fitted me with braces to start the jaw movement. She did a great job, she had to anticipate how the teeth would look after the surgery as well as plan the movement necessary, and at the end of it I got the added bonus of straighter teeth!

“The braces and jaw surgery brought my upper jaw forward 8 mm and my lower jaw 11 mm. My surgeon showed me my before and after profile X-rays and I could see that my airway had opened up 2 ½ times.

“I don’t have to use the CPAP anymore and I am healthier now. Some nasal allergies are also less. My quality of life definitely has increased and I can enjoy my retirement. I love the outdoors, hiking and so on. I love traveling and recently we went on a river cruise through southern France to Paris and to South America. And I didn’t have to carry a CPAP machine around.”


Patient Testimonials“The staff is awesome! They are very caring and make you feel at ease. The practice is state-of-the-art. I like how Dr. Sema takes her time with you and makes sure you get the right treatment for your smile. I tell all my friends and family to go there. Oxmoor Valley orthodontics is the best ever. Everyone there is extremely nice and will do anything to make a great smile.”


Patient Testimonials“Before coming to Dr. Sema, my bottom teeth were a little crooked, my jaw was popping and my bite was off. I have had braces for about two months now, and my teeth are already getting straighter and my jaw no longer pops. I decided to go to Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics because I had several friends recommended Dr. Sema. I like everything about the practice – the staff and the office. I have been very pleased with mine and my children’s experience.


“Dr. Sema and her staff won me over from the start. Everyone was friendly and upbeat. They clearly outlined the prices, worked with my insurance, and made it easy to do business with them. They provided quick service with attention to detail. Dr. Sema has gone above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with our results.

“I first found out about Oxmoor Valley Dental while driving by on my way home. I had overlapping teeth. Dr. Sema has a good personality and she is easy-going and friendly. The staff always remembers my name and everyone is always in a good mood. Now my teeth are straight, and I have a better smile and more confidence.”


“I love everything about Dr. Sema’s practice. Since day one she has taken the time to explain every detail of every procedure and made sure I was comfortable with the procedures they suggested for my children. The staff never seems to have a bad day. They are always very polite and professional in all matters, and the effort they put forth to make my children feel comfortable is remarkable. Everything as far as procedures and what to expect has been right on track as Dr. Sema had told us it would be.”


“The whole experience has been great! My progress has been going as expected. There are no surprises – no problems. Everything is great, on time and all around an easy experience!”


“We love Dr. Sema and all of the staff! Everyone is so nice and friendly.”


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