Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® Clear Braces in Birmingham

Clear braces for teens

Dr. Sema uses Invisalign clear aligners to invisibly straighten your teeth.

Comfortable, clear teeth straightening with Dr. Sema

The revolution of Invisalign’s clear aligners began in 1999 when Invisalign first started being used by orthodontists in the U.S. The novel concept of a comfortable plastic aligner (tray-like devices that fit over your teeth) that would straighten teeth virtually invisibly soon caught on, and by 2003 Invisalign was being used by orthodontists and general dentists throughout the U.S. Today, more than 2 million patients worldwide have experienced the benefits of Invisalign clear teeth straightening.

Orthodontists have embraced this technology as a viable alternative to traditional braces. Dr. Sema is trained in the Invisalign process and is an Invisalign Preferred Provider. As a highly trained and experienced orthodontist, she knows under what circumstances to advise Invisalign for straightening, and how to use it to create the best results possible.

Experienced and knowledgeable orthodontist

Teen clear bracesIn addition to her three years of specialist training at UAB, Dr. Sema is board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. She keeps abreast of the many technological and procedural developments in orthodontics through yearly continuing education and her ties to national, state and local dental and orthodontic societies.

Who are candidates for Invisalign?

Invisalign is suitable for teens and adults of all ages. A teen’s adult teeth need to have fully erupted, which usually occurs around the age of 12. Some conditions, such as severely crowded teeth or severe bite issues can be better straightened with braces. And for some teens, having fixed in braces might be a better option. We also provide clear braces. Dr. Sema will do a full examination and evaluation of you or your child’s teeth and bite to determine candidacy for Invisalign.

Complimentary Consultation

Clear braces for teensDr. Sema will meet with you to determine which orthodontic issues need to be addressed and establish if you or your teen is a candidate for Invisalign. She’ll show you how Invisalign works and answer any questions.

Our Complimentary Consultation includes:

  • Full clinical exam
  • Panoramic digital X-rays as needed
  • Facial photos and intraoral photos as needed
  • Find out if you or your child is a candidate for Invisalign®
  • Treatment plan

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How Invisalign works

Invisalign is the new way to straighten your teeth without any metal brackets or wires.

The first step is to plan the tooth movement. Dr. Sema takes impressions, photos and x-rays of the teeth and jaws. She uses these records to plan the treatment out step by step. She sends a very specific treatment plan to Invisalign, directing them on exactly how she wants the teeth to be moved. You can view your treatment results virtually before you even get started!

Invisalign designs a series of custom, clear aligners that will gradually move the teeth into their final position. Patients wear each aligner for one to two weeks and see Dr. Sema every six to eight weeks, until the treatment goal of a beautiful, natural smile is reached!

Dr. Sema will start your Invisalign treatment and you will switch your aligners every two weeks as your teeth move accordingly. Typically, it takes less time for treatment with Invisalign for adults or teens.

Benefits and advantages of Invisalign

Hear what Invisalign users have to say about their treatment experience.

Invisalign has a number of reasons that make it an effective and more enjoyable teeth straightening experience:

  • Clear aligners are unnoticeable
  • The smooth plastic material is comfortable in your mouth
  • Removable aligners are easy to clean
  • No metal brackets and wires to irritate the soft tissue of your mouth
  • Easier brushing and flossing
  • No food restrictions, as the aligners are removed while you eat

Read some of our patient testimonials.

Invisalign Teen

Clear braces for teensIs Invisalign right for your teen?

Many teens do great with Invisalign, and they certainly love the comfortable plastic and Invisalign’s virtual invisibility. Invisalign provides special aligners for teens with wear-time trackers for Dr. Sema to monitor your teen’s compliance. Your teen also gets six extra aligners in case any get lost!

Just as with adults, Dr. Sema has to assess the condition of your teen’s teeth and bite. Although Invisalign can treat the majority of crowding and bite issues, Dr. Sema prefers braces for the toughest problems. She’ll also help you decide if your teen would be better off with fixed braces to ensure compliance.

Invisalign or Damon Braces?

Both systems have their advantages. Because Invisalign’s aligners are removable, they are good for oral hygiene and let children eat what they like. However, their removability can be a problem for some teens as they forget to wear them or don’t want to wear them. Braces, on the other hand, can treat some cases that Invisalign is unable to get satisfactory results with, such as severe crowding or severe bite issues. Invisalign is known for its virtual invisibility, but clear braces are also a good option for minimizing the appearance of braces.

Patient Testimonials

Clear braces for teens“I have enjoyed Invisalign very much. I chose Invisalign because I am a college student and I did not want regular braces. The staff at Oxmoor Valley is awesome! They always put their patients first and they care very much about them. I wouldn’t have chosen to go anywhere else, and most of all they have given me a beautiful smile! I am so happy and grateful!” – Rachel

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